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Justin B.

Excellent selection.  Quick Shipping.  Great products.  My Yazbeck Wetsuits and Ocean Hunter 3ATM Floats arrived with expedited shipping and the quality and durability has been amazing.  Rebecca and the rest of the crew have always been extremely pleasant and informative.  The very best Spearfishing Wetsuits and 3ATM Floats.

Justin B.
  • @chrisdupes in his Yazbeck Hamour wetsuit with a large Rockfish. #shaftbender #yazbeckwetsuits #hamour
  • Always dive with a buddy.  @808suvivah sharing the stoke with @808beebow. Nice Mū and Ulua!  Pick up your YAZBECK wetsuits today at FREEDIVESHOP.COM.  #yazbeckthazard #thazard #yazbeckwetsuits.
  • On the hunt for Wahoo. @midhandle. Photo by @djstruntzphoto
  • @mattyparker88 taking his new Ocean Hunter 3ATM float for a swim!  These floats are simply incredible. 44 PSI, extra rugged Cordura construction, they have 54 pounds of lift at 66 feet. Pick yours up today at FREEDIVESHOP.COM.  #oceanhunter #3atm #bluewaterfloats
  • Rob Allen Spearguns and Westsuits in stock now at FREEDIVESHOP.COM. Hubert with two King mackerels.  Exploring new grounds. #roballenspearfishing #roballen #railgun #indo