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  • LADIES:  Yazbeck carries sizes down to XXS!  Kitiya Mae (@imaekiss) exploring caves off the coast of Oahu.  #freediveshop #Yazbeckwetsuits #divetosurvive
  • #bombproof.  The Ocean Hunter 3ATM is built to withstand the immense pressure of 44 psi and keep positive buoyancy at up to 90 feet!  Made of 1200 denier Cordura, the Ocean Hunter 3ATM can take extreme pelagic abuse. #freediveshop #oceanhunter.  Photo by @jmack808.
  • Pure stoke!  Pargos on the boat in Baja.  #roballen shafts available now online at FREEDIVESHOP.COM.
  • Every spearo's dream!  Wrestling an ulua to the surface after a hard-fought battle. Gear up at FREEDIVESHOP.COM. Ocean Hunter 3ATM 44PSI floats on sale now!
  • Fresh #roballen gear for Team Mexico.  Nice hats fellas!  Gear up on Tuna Guns and shafts - in stock now at FREEDIVESHOP.COM.