Carter Lift Bag Float


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Carter Lift Bag Float

Designed to be folded and rolled into compact, negatively-buoyant rolls that are easy to handle and deploy underwater

• The over-pressure valves on all Carter Lift Bag Float  are designed to adequately
vent the air from a fully-charged bag on a free ascent from any depth.
• Made from a strong but lighter weight urethane coated nylon material
that can be rolled up very small.
• One or more handles and tie-off points to make them easy to grasp and
secure both in and out of water. The top handle can be used to attach a light.
• Open at the bottom to vent expanding air as they ascend.
• The Lift Bag with C02 comes with a canister for C02. Once your fish
is speared activate the C02 Cartridge and the Lift Bag pulls fish out of holes
and up from the depths.

• The standard
Lift Bag’s one-way oral inflation valve allows the diver to tightly inflate
the float at the surface, while a one-way flapper valve allows air into the
bottom of the float. The over-pressure/dump valve vents excess air as the Personal
Float ascends to the surface.

15″ x 20″, volume at surface: 0.4 (63lbs/cu ft)



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