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Comanche is the 2004 world champion spear gun, and is the result of continuous
fine-tuning and the search for perfection. Special, anti-corrosion aluminium
tubes eliminate any bending of the barrel, even on the long models. Extremely
modern, new generation thermoplastics guarantee very light and non-deformable
point and handgrip, for incredible firing precision. The highly compact, hydrodynamic
point makes it possible to lower the positioning of the bands, in order to optimise
the forward thrust and guarantee perfect visibility and rapid and precise aiming
at the same time. Very gentle shaft release system, ring for the line, sternal
support for reloading, dovetail triggering for the reel, the possibility of
choosing from a number of different model bands, are just some of its fantastic
features. The Comanche series spear gun barrels are made of the highest quality
anodized aluminum. All barrels are sealed, minimizing in-water weight, allowing
for easy firing. Shafts are aligned and centered in the muzzle and hand grip,
offering exceptional accuracy. Side rail supports are incorporated in the barrels
to position the shaft movement during firing. Available as an accessory is the
spear fishing reel. The reel can easily be added to the bottom of the handgrip.
Comanche is the perfect spear gun for serious fisherman.

The Comanche spear gun is based on the long experience acquired by Cressi with
the Apache series. New generation thermoplastics have been used for the handgrip
and muzzle; these materials are light and at the same time very stiff, with
large mechanical resistance. This makes the materials less flexible for more
precise firing. It has a very compact, streamlined and hydrodynamic muzzle.
The bands are positioned lower down so the shaft is now perfectly aligned with
the bands. The muzzle provides excellent visibility for precise and rapid aiming.
There are also new rail supports for the line on both sides of the point and
a new smaller spear-rail connected to the muzzle for the line to pass through,
so the shaft is released without jerking. There is a support for a second band
on the bottom part. A longer spear-rail saddle on the front of the handgrip
guarantees very precise firing precision at the moment of release. There are
some 4 line releasing devices: two on the side, with new catches to hold the
line properly but at the same time to release it easily when firing. There is
also a mechanical line releasing device that is freed when the shaft is fired
and a fourth one on the front, under the barrel. The back of the handle ends
with a handy sternal support, for easier loading. The butt is made from soft
rubbersoft material, for a safe and comfortable grip. A heavy duty ring attachment
for the main line comes out of the bottom part of the butt. A lot of attention
has gone into the design of the streamlined, high capacity reel (up to 70 m
of dacron). It comes with a premium recoil snap and excellent friction, really
progressive and effective. It has a dovetail clutch line system for hooking
onto the gun, situated so that all the line releasing devices can always be
used, including the mechanical one activated by the trigger (Cressi exclusive).
The Comanche barrel is made from special, very stiff anti-corrosion tubes to
ensure excellent firing precision. The standard bands are black, highly reactive
and quick, with a diameter of 16 mm and articulated wishbone. They can be substituted
with the more powerful 18 mm diameter, S45 bands, or, particularly in the longer
models, with the 20 mm diameter, G20 bands. The Comanche spearguns come in the
following lengths: 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm The shafts are available
in 6 mm stainless steel, 6.5 mm stainless steel, 6.5 mm burnished (only for
Comanche 60, 75 and 90), 7 mm threaded (for Comanche 60, 75, 90, 100).



75cm, 90cm, 110cm


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